FENCIBLES TRAINING GROUNDS QR CODES and 7th - 23rd Septembers Training Schedule

Anyone who is training at the below locations, please scan in using the attached QR codes:

William Greens QR Code- Click HERE

Riverhills QR code- Click HERE

Meadowlands QR code- Click HERE

Greenmount QR code- Click HERE 

Barry Curtis QR code- Click HERE

Millhouse QR code- Click HERE


William Green Domain COVID-19 Level 2 Training Schedules for Monday 7th - 23rd September- Click HERE




Fencibles United AFC & Eastern Suburbs AFC Announce Resource Partnership Model

Fencibles United AFC and Eastern Suburbs AFC are delighted to announce the establishment of an exciting collaborative resource partnership between the two clubs. 

This partnership has been created to meet the ever-increasing challenges that football clubs are facing in delivering quality programmes and experiences for all of their members and stakeholders

To Read The Official Fencibles United AFC & Eastern Suburbs AFC Press Release Click Here

To Read Letter To Members From Fencibles United Chairman Aaron Carson Click Here


William Green & Riverhills Training Schedules

As of Monday 1 June 2020 the Winter training schedules are now in place.  

For William Green Domain COVID-19 Level 2 Training Schedules - CLICK HERE (updated 9am on 11/9/20)

For Riverhills Park Schedules - CLICK HERE (updated 9:15pm on 23/06/2020)

Any weekend games or training must be booked in the system please do not turn up without a booking.

Any training space queries please email or text Jeannine on 021784752

Thank you



Registrations for 2020 are now closed. To be placed on the waiting list- please click on the REGISTER button on the right hand side of the home screen of our website or click here.  Follow the questions from there.


There is new information on our website with regards to the full fee review that has been completed with some going down, some staying the same, some going up and a new discount that is in place for families with 2 or more children.  Click here for more information 


Kind Regards

The Fencibles Board and Players Committee

Aaron, Ian, Jeannine, Michael, Kelly, Mike, Pat, Colin, Melanie, Darryl and Kim


2020 Season Uniform

The purchase of the Fencibles Kit will now need to be purchased online via Ultra Football- click here 


Select Clubs - Fencibles United AFC

Password: fen16

Please do not have a number printed on your shirt for the 2020 season if you are in 10th grade or above, the rules have changed and you cannot have a number that clashes with another team member.  These can be done for you through the club once your teams have been sorted. 

Any questions please do not hesitate to email your club captain.



Grounds Layouts Updated Online

Ground layouts for both William Green Domain and Sir Barry Curtis Park are now available via the club website.

William Green - click here

Sir Barry Curtis - click here

Greenmount Reserve - click here

Both files will continue to be found in the 'grounds' tab, under 'The Club' link moving forward also.

IMPORTANT NOTE- If the game after you is NOT a Fencibles team then you are to remove the gear completely from the pitch and bring it back to Riverhills. No other clubs are to use our gear unless you have been informed by the club prior to the playing day.