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About Fencibles AFC




Fencibles United AFC is one of the largest soccer clubs in New Zealand. We are based in Pakuranga/Howick, Auckland, New Zealand. We have a long history of serving and representing the East Auckland community. Our roots go back to Pakuranga Town AFC and Howick AFC.

We support and provide Junior, Youth, Senior Men and Women grade soccer and at all levels. Riverhills Park is our main home ground. The Riverhills club room has bar service, big screen TV entertainment, and kitchen facility. Of course, we also have all the essentials such as changing rooms, showers, referee room, etc.

Process for roll out of new Nike strip 2016


Please be advised that tomorrow on the club website the new Nike kit will be launched and available to members for the 2016 season. The full range can also be viewed on the following then click on the clubs link and select Fencibles United AFC. You will then be asked for the club code which is "Fen16" and this will take you to the club range to date. All gear is available except the playing shirt which is explained below.

To roll out the new strip over the coming year and also to reduce the costs onto family members at this time of the year we have decided with Nike that we will launch the strip in 3 phases. This contains ONLY to the new playing shirt and not to shorts, socks and other apparel on the website. We will be adding more to the club range in coming weeks also.

In phase 1 the following teams and grades will be automatically switched over to the new playing strip. We will be having fitting days were we will be calling in teams and grades to get fitted out for the new playing shirts. Jeannine Melville, youth club captain is working this through now with Nike and when these dates are available will be emailed out.

-Mens and Womens Senior 1st teams

-Mens and Womens Senior Reserve teams 

-U19 Sunday team

-All Youth Metro and Conference teams 

-All Youth Prem teams Girls and Boys

-All 2016 10th grade players Girls and Boys (First year of AFF Football)

In phase 2 we will then be switching over the Youth Div 1 teams in each grade Girls and Boys

In phase 3 it will then be open to all other teams within the club. In this phase we will be opening it up to the junior section of the club for the Meadowlands players.

Please Note that No senior teams outside of the teams in phase 1 will be switching over to the Nike strip for this year only. A lot of you bought new strips last year and we have agreed with Nike to a 1 years grace for you. However as of next year you will all have to switch over. Further details to come form the senior club captain on this through out the year. 

Youth teams that are going to stay with the current lotto shirt for the start of the season and who require new shirts can contact Jeannine Melville who is working with Lotto to keep stock at the club for you to use in the meantime until the switch has been made.   

If you require any further information in regards to the above please do not hesitate to contact the club.



Fencibles United AFC 


Fencibles home grounds

Auckland Club's grounds and colours

Full story on club history


Auckland Football

Fencibles affiliates with Federation Auckland and Manukau, also known as Auckland Football, one of the seven federations under New Zealand Football. We endorse FIFA fair play and code of conduct for football.



We have 140 teams throughout junior, youth, senior men and women grades and at all levels.

Junior: 5th to 9th Grades. Boy and girl players becoming aged 5 to 9 in the calendar year
Youth: 10th to 17th Grades. Boy and girl players becoming aged 10 to 17 in the calendar year.
Senior Men: Men players aged 18 and older.
Senior Women: Women players aged 18 and older.
Join Fencibles This Season

We are committed to provide better support and communication throughout the club. A convenor has been appointed to each grade to be the first point of contact. Contact Fencibles


Join Fencibles this season

We are committed to provide better support and communication throughout the club. A convenor has been appointed to each grade to be the first point of contact. Contact Fencibles