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Fencibles Junior and Youth Development

Fencibles United Junior and Youth Player Development


Purpose: This document charts the development process for Fencibles United Players from First Kicks as 5 year olds to the Men’s and Women’s first teams as well as Auckland and New Zealand Talent Programmes


The Whole of Football Plan: Fencibles is a signatory to NZ Footballs Whole of Football Plan. This provides a curriculum framework to cover players of all ages and abilities. It is designed to provide appropriate game formats for all players with a cornerstone of developing identified key playing characteristics.


Premier Skills: Premier skills are a UK linked third party provider of Football training and Holiday programmes for Fencibles. The club is Premier Skill’s official partner in New Zealand. Premier Skills is directly linked to a number of professional clubs and youth academies in the UK and will offer opportunities for talented individuals to take their game further in this environment. They will also bring UEFA qualified coaches to NZ for one off coaching events.


Fencibles Centre of Excellence: Fencibles have employed Roger Wilkinson of Premier Skills to provide individual coaching to players and teams as well as coach education to the clubs coaches. His primary objective is to lift the technical skills and playing standards right across junior and youth clubs.


FTC: Federation Talent Centres are the talent identification structure for the AFF, starting at 12th grade going up to 17th grade. We nominate our best players to trial in each age group for the FTC. If selected they are invited to a special academy run by AFF appointed coaches.


Weir Rosebowl: This is an inter-federation tournament for selected 12th grade boys and girls from AFF, NFF and BOP Football Federations. AFF teams are chosen from the 12th Grade FTC


NTC: National Talent Centres are the elite academies of New Zealand Football starting with the 12th grade and up to the 17th Grade. Players are selected from the FTC. If selected, players will be asked to attend camps and a special academy run by NZF appointed coaches.


Nike Cup: This is a tournament officially called the Manchester United Premier Cup. It is a global competition aimed at 15th grade sides. It is organised in NZ by NZF. The top side in NZ will travel to other countries to compete and if successful will ultimately go to Manchester for the finals. Fencibles participate in this tournament.


Napier Tournament: NZF in association with Napier City Rovers run this U19 tournament in Napier every year, Fencibles participate in this Tournament.



Fencibles Centre for Excellence Contacts

Justin Green:          Director                       0274544 4886

Roger Wilkinson:     Coaching Director           022 364 7045