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Junior Fixture 2017

Week 2- will be posted shortly


 Junior Draws 2017

All Fencibles Junior Grades will play at Meadowlands Reserve* for the 2017 Season. This is a sand carpeted surface with good drainage, so barring very heavy rain, the council are unlikely to close them.....hopefully. As these are internal competitions, closures will be communicated by the club....your coach and convener, should they occur.


Draw Times

Grade Year Born Age Ground Time
5th & 6th


Turning 5 or 6 during the year Meadowlands Reserve

8:30 - 9:35am (15 mins each way)

7th 2010 Turning 7 during the year Meadowlands Reserve 9:45 - 10:50 am (15 mins each way)
8th 2009 Turning 8 during the year Meadowlands Reserve* 8:30 - 9:45 am (20 mins each way) 
9th 2008 Turning 9 during the year Meadowlands Reserve* 9:45 - 11:00 am (20 mins each way)


*The 8th and 9th grade- We are looking at adding some Friday night games at William Green- this means you can have a Saturday sleep in :-)
the club are also looking at adding some extra coaching sessions before the Friday games. The game schedule will be published once the teams have been allocated. Games times for these fixtures will be at 5:30pm on Pitch 5 or 6.

We note that this is a council reserve and would ask that all parents/supporters and players remove all rubbish after the games. There are very few rubbish bins provided and they get filled quickly, so we ask that where possible rubbish be taken home and disposed of.


Please also ensure all shirts, sweaters, bags and the like are accounted for


The car parking area is not large, so most Parking is in the surrounding streets, please respect the rights of local residents and park only where authorised or you may be ticketed.